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Maximize your impact with flexible, all-in-one nonprofit case management software that grows with your organization.

Sumac Nonprofit Case Management Software

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Transform Case Management With Sumac

  • Personalized Care

    Deliver The Best Care

    Simplify care coordination with a centralized solution that connects caseworkers, clients, and programs.
  • Streamline Service Delivery

    Eliminate Paperwork

    Keep your client records safe and avoid messy paperwork with a HIPAA & PIPEDA-compliant database.
  • Accelerate Impact

    Make Reporting a Breeze

    Easily track key metrics to report back to donors, funders, and your board with powerful built-in reporting.
Add Sumac Donations, Volunteers, and Grant Management to get a complete solution.


Streamline Service Delivery & Client Care

Nonprofit Case Management Software Client Intake

Simplify Client Intake

Manage Clients & Cases
With Ease

Nonprofit Social Service Case Management Software
Case Management Software Nonprofit Workflows

Create Efficiency in Client Care

Manage Clients & Cases
On The Go

Allow caseworkers to manage clients, case notes, and meetings on the go with Sumac Case Portal – included free with Sumac Case Management.
Nonprofit Case Management Software Portal
Nonprofit Case Management Software Email Marketing

Keep Clients Informed & Engaged

Measure What Matters

Nonprofit Case Management Software Reporting
Nonprofit Case Management Software Security HIPAA

Protect Sensitive Client Data

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Nonprofit Case Management Software Customizable

Essential Nonprofit Case Management Software Capabilities

  • Client Lifecycle

    Track Client Lifecycle

    Track client cases from initial intake through needs assessment, service delivery, discharge, and outcome reporting.
  • Enhanced Security

    Secure Data Management

    Sumac Case Management is PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, offers role-based data access, and world-class secure data storage.
  • Add Task

    Optimize Client Care

    Define and track action plans with workflow activities for each case to avoid missing important case deadlines or steps.

Add-on Options For Sumac Nonprofit Case Management Software

  • Donations


    Sumac Donations streamlines fundraising outreach, donation processing, and receipting, helping you meet your fundraising goals.
  • Volunteers

    Sumac Volunteer Management streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment to scheduling, thanking, and reporting.
  • Grant Management

    Sumac Grant Management enables you to track grant applications and build a structured, step-by-step approach to winning new grants to support your mission.
  • Online Webforms

    Donation, case management, volunteer, and membership webforms seamlessly integrate with your Sumac CRM.
  • Nonprofit Case Management Software-Donation Form

  • Specialized Webforms

    Sumac Specialized Webforms allow you to capture additional information about your constituents on your website.
  • Memberships

    Sumac Memberships streamlines member signup, renewals, and payments in one place, so you can grow your membership program.
  • Prospecting

    Sumac Prospecting rapidly calculates a percentile ranking for each contact in your database based on criteria that you specify to help you identify potential large donors.
  • Specialized Extension

    Sumac offers a Specialized Extension that is customized to track data and programs unique to your organization, and works seamlessly with every other part of your CRM.

Pricing That's Tailored For Your Needs

Prices for Sumac Nonprofit Case Management Software start at just $99/month


  • Client profile and case intake definition
  • Case lifecycle tracking and resource management
  • Service delivery planning and tracking
  • Client communication tracking
  • Cloud-based Sumac CRM
  • Bulk and individual email
  • Workflow management
  • Reminders
  • Outcome-based reporting
  • Accounting integration
  • 1,000 record capacity

Add-on Options:

  • Client Intake Webforms
  • Case Management Specialized Solution
  • Donations & Donation Webforms
  • Memberships & Member Signup Webforms
  • Volunteers & Volunteer Signup Webforms
  • Prospecting
  • Grant Management
  • Specialized Extension
  • Specialized Webforms
  • Additional record capacity up to 200k

Included With Every Nonprofit Case Management Software Plan

Simple Configuration

Easily configure drop-down lists, checkboxes, tabs, and fields in minutes to fit your data.


Access critical data at any time from any computer with an internet connection.

Free Support

Access support by phone, email, portal, and in-app tools.
Learn more

Free On-Demand Training

Unlimited access to on-demand instructor-led training whenever you need it.
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Integrate with the solutions you already use for email marketing, accounting, and payment processes.
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Free Upgrades

Free automatic updates to the latest software versions, features and releases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simplicity and consistency of design is what makes Sumac’s nonprofit CRM so straightforward and user-friendly. We also offer on-demand training, namely “Partner Academy”, for all of our nonprofit customers that need assistance.

You can also customize the CRM to capture your nonprofit’s unique data and manage your programs.

Yes! Simplicity and consistency of design is what makes Sumac’s nonprofit case management software so straightforward and user-friendly. We also offer on-demand training, namely “Partner Academy”, for all of our nonprofit customers that  need assistance. 

You can also customize various features on the software to create a solution that’s designed for your specific needs! 

Yes! While most other social services case management software charge additional fees for support – Sumac doesn’t! You won’t have to waste valuable time using email or be forced to chat with bots. 

Our phone support connects you immediately with knowledgeable support staff who will deal with your queries and are happy to help you solve any issues promptly. 

Every installation of Sumac’s case management software for social work, hospices, and shelters includes live phone support at no additional charge! In fact, our customer support is one of the things our nonprofit clients always rave about. 

We take our commitment to our clients’ success very seriously, and that’s why we offer free live support with every software package!

Yes! Sumac case management software for social services was created to make the lives of nonprofit professionals easier, so the database will work with most of the software programs in your office environment, including accounting software, email marketing programs, and desktop applications like word processing, spreadsheets, email, and calendars. 

Sumac integrates with iATS, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Microsoft and Google Calendars and Email Servers to name just a few. For a complete list of integrations, click here

Yes! Sumac offers sleek online webforms that match the look and feel of your website to make your social case management even easier! These forms are easily embedded on your website and integrate seamlessly into the case management backend. 

You won’t have to worry about exporting case data from one software to another. All information collected by our forms is automatically saved on our social services case management platform! 

Yes! We designed our social services case management software to be customized to the unique needs of nonprofits. We understand that every nonprofit has different priorities and might need to track metrics accordingly. That’s why we created a software that responds to your unique needs with configurable fields, dropdowns, and tabs that fit your programs and data. We also created the following specialized solutions:

Our easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to adjust workflows and incorporate language that is specific to your nonprofit, without any technical expertise. 

You can change a ton of features to suit your nonprofit’s unique requirements with Sumac’s online platform. Here are a few ways you can do this: 

  • Choose the functionality you need: Sumac lets you pick and choose the extensions you need to create a software that is tailored for your nonprofit’s exact needs. Choose from our grant management and donation management extensions or enterprise-level case management software for social services.
  • Configure dropdowns and fields: Sumac nonprofit case management software gives you the flexibility to add your own fields to track and collect information that’s relevant to your nonprofit. You can also easily customize dropdowns, tabs, and fields in the software. You’ll be able to customize your own tabs and dropdowns during your free set up and training conducted by our team.
  • Create your own custom extensions: Sumac social services case management software also offers nonprofits the opportunity to create a completely customized extension that can be configured to track data and services that are exclusive to your nonprofit.

We offer our nonprofit clients a host of extensions and integrations which work with your already-existing products and software packages to make things easier for you. 

Our case management software for social work, hospices, and shelters includes the following extensions for additional functionality: 

  • Online webforms: Allow clients to add medical records or information directly from your website with embedded online webforms. Seamless CRM integration means there’s less effort and less errors.
  • Grant management: Grant Management helps to streamline and track grant application life-cycles. Define grant program profiles and requirements, and set up application action plans with task reminders, so you can win more grants.
  • Donation management: Connect case management to also manage your fundraising and donations so you can have a 360-degree view of your nonprofit – in one place. 

Click here for a complete list of our integrations.

Yes! At Sumac we take security and privacy concerns very seriously. Sumac’s social case management software has been through a regular SSF-validation process to ensure the highest security within our software. 

Our Cloud databases are also hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a world-class infrastructure with extremely high security. This means your nonprofit database has the best data security, and is always up to date with current software privacy and security requirements. Check out AWS’ Security Manual for more details.

Since clinical and social case management often requires patients and clients to enter confidential medical data we’re also in compliance with PIPEDA and HIPAA guidelines.

Our pricing structure is one of the reasons why we’re the best social work case management software & hospice case management software for nonprofits.  We understand your budget requirements and constraints and tailor our plans to give you the most competitive pricing in the market! 

We strongly believe in transparent pricing, which is why all our plans are available on our website. Our Standard Plan for nonprofit case management software starts at $99/month.

For more information and details on the plans, click here. 

No way! What makes us the top case management software for nonprofits is that we strongly believe in transparent pricing. Our quotes include all fees and you will never be charged anything extra once you select a pricing plan. 

Sumac is also affordably priced for nonprofits. Sumac’s social case management software starts at just $99/month.

And if you require customized solutions, we’re more than happy to prepare a personalized pricing quote for your nonprofit, so you know exactly what to expect before you sign up! 

Yes – absolutely! You can get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to take you through a full demo of our online social services case management software. Our team will also suggest additional software and add ons that are tailored to your needs and requirements. This way you’ll get a clear idea of what you can do with our software.   

Sign up for our top case management software demo here. 

Our case management software for social work, hospices, and shelters includes several features tailored to your nonprofit’s unique programs and data, and has been designed specifically with nonprofits in mind. Like most social services case management software, Sumac’s helps nonprofits seamlessly track and manage their cases and gives nonprofit leaders a clear idea of workflow and resourcing. We also have special extensions for donations, grant management and online webforms to help your nonprofit grow.

Sumac offers on-demand training and support to all our nonprofit clients along with free upgrades to new versions, features and releases of our nonprofit case management software. 

If you need more software capabilities we also have a donation management software, Partner DMS which is a powerful, enterprise-level donation management software for organizations who want to streamline donation processing, receipting, and reporting. It’s also a 100 percent IRS/CRA-compliant making it a top choice for nonprofits looking to streamline their fundraising activities. 

Like most case management software for social services available today – Sumac helps streamline your case processing by automating tasks and streamlining service delivery. 

You can easily build action plans for each client, program or service and assign and track tasks to help streamline service delivery with little effort. 

Online webforms allow clients to complete intake forms or other forms directly from your website – and this is automatically updated on the social work case management software backend. Since the software is connected to Sumac’s powerful CRM, you’ll be able to access detailed client information at the touch of a button and receive reminders for follow ups – so you’ll never miss an appointment. If cases are transferred between caseworkers, client records are kept easily updated so new caseworkers know exactly what’s happened before them – giving them the ability to provide personalized care – right from the first visit. 

Whether you’re a hospice or palliative care center, shelter or transitional housing nonprofit or do any kind of work in health and social services that requires case management,  Sumac’s software can help you. We also further tailor our social work case management software to your organization’s specific programs and data – so you get a database that fits your needs exactly.

Sumac social services case management software is powered by Sumac CRM which connects all your contacts in one place so you can see a complete history of their relationship with your nonprofit in just one click. Here are a few ways you can manage your contacts using the software: 

  • The software helps you store detailed contact demographic profiles, easily view all communication your nonprofit has had with clients, and stores important documents to help you better manage clients.
  • Ad-hoc and built-in reports let you analyze service delivery, client demographics, and staff time spent with each client.
  • You can even manage common workflows with action plans, and reminder notifications;
  • Built-in email allows you to send thousands of personalized emails, from your database to your contacts.
  • Track all activities related to clients, including: appointments, emails, and phone calls. 
  • Use built-in reports or create custom one-off reports to analyze the exact data you need.
Our nonprofit case management software collects and integrates information from all your key constituents. You can choose the type of information you’d like to collect from clients, patients, staff and others whose information you record.  Depending on your selection, Sumac will collect:
  • Biographical information
  • Patient medical records
  • All past and present points of communication with the organization
  • Other custom data fields of your choosing

A social services case management software should include all the features you need – and no more! Don’t choose overly expensive solutions that come with a ton of features. The best case management software for small nonprofits won’t be the same kind of software that larger nonprofits require. Complex features may require expert-level staff to manage these systems so think about tools your nonprofit will need and choose a solution that suits these requirements. 

The best case management software for small nonprofits will be customized to your needs and requirements – so look out for systems that allow you to do a ton of customizations. Sumac’s does! 

Social work case management software provides significant benefits to organizations. Here are a few key reasons to invest in Sumac’s solution: 
  • Reduces cost: Social services case management software automates processes allowing you to reduce operational costs and decrease the number of routine operations, which your employees performed manually.
  • Improves quality of care: Relationship management systems allow teams to stay on top of conversations, pay more attention to cases and deliver personalized care
  • Accelerates impact: The ability to track key metrics helps your team stay on top of their caseloads while also receiving timely reminders and updates on their clients and patients. Staff will receive immediate feedback on cases and patients status so you can help people and further your mission

If you are a nonprofit you might also want the following additional software and integrations with your nonprofit case management software. 

Donation and Fundraising CRM software: Silent Partner’s software is a complete fundraising and donor management solution that integrates donor tracking, online fundraising, email marketing, and campaigns in one place to help you reach your fundraising goals. Learn more. 

Donation tracking for donor management software: This is especially useful for larger organizations with a high volume of donations to manage. Silent Partner’s donation tracking software Partner DMS is a powerful, enterprise-level donor management software for organizations who want to streamline donation processing, receipting, and reporting. Plus it’s 100% IRS/CRA-compliant! For more information click here.

Membership management software: For nonprofits who need to better manage their donors, volunteers or members. Sumac Membership management is powered by Sumac’s CRM fundraising software which connects all your contacts in one place so you can see a complete history of their relationship with your nonprofit  and grow your membership base. Learn more here. 

Board management software: My Board View is easy-to-use board portal software by Silent Partner that’s 100% free for all nonprofits! Spend less time on board administration and more time fulfilling your mission. Click here to sign up!

Nonprofit case management software is designed to help you manage client intake workflow, resources, and deliver an exceptional level of client care. 

Social services case management software & hospice case management software provides organizations with a single central location to store and track all client data. This includes contact information, case notes, appointment scheduling, client history, client communications, and billing.

Case management software for social workers gives nonprofits a detailed picture of all cases and clients which enables nonprofit staff to personalize their approach to caregiving. It also helps manage a large volume of patients by streamlining service delivery with minimal effort. Nonprofits can build action plans for each client, assign and track tasks, and receive immediate feedback on their programs from a central dashboard. 

Nonprofit case management software is mainly used by nonprofits that run shelters, hospices or work in health and social services. Sumac’s social services case management software is designed for any nonprofit that works with human services and has caseworkers to manage individual cases. Ask for a demo today!

Nonprofit case management software helps nonprofits and human service organizations  maximize their efficiency while continuing to deliver a high quality of caregiving. 

Case management software for social services, hospices, and shelters does this by collecting important information about every case and making it easily available to those who need it. It organizes data about clients and patients including follow ups and next steps so that caseworkers can get the full picture of progress before meeting with their clients. What’s great about Sumac’s case management software for nonprofits is that it integrates with Sumac Donations and Memberships (and Sumac CRM) to help you manage grant management, fundraising and donation activities on a single system. It uses CRM software to level up your contact database and give nonprofits a 360-degree view of their organization.  

Yes! Sumac is a social services case management software that offers users secure ‘access from anywhere.’ Sumac’s software connects an online database to the Sumac App on your computer – which means you can access your data from anywhere in the world. Your data is stored on world-class Amazon Web Services, which keeps your files secure while also enabling staff members to easily access the cases from anywhere. Patients and clients also benefit from the direct integration of web-forms on your website. Online web-forms allow clients to enter their own data that’s immediately reflected on your system. 

The best social services case management software include features and capabilities that allow you to easily manage a high volume of cases and provide great care. Besides making administrative functions easier, case management software for nonprofits can help your organization in the following ways: 

  • Deliver Personalized Care: The software tracks detailed information about each client along with case lifecycles so caseworkers have a clear idea of patient journeys and can provide personalized care right from the start.
  • Streamline Service Delivery: Build action plans for each client, and assign and track tasks to help streamline service delivery with minimal effort. You’ll be able to easily track both patients and caseworkers and manage workflow more effectively. 
  • Accelerate Your Impact: With our in-built reporting features you can use outcome-based reporting to track key metrics, get immediate feedback on your programs – helping your nonprofit stay on track.

Sumac’s fundraising software and tools for nonprofits also include integrations with Sumac’s CRM which connects all your contacts in one place so you can see a complete history of their relationship with your nonprofit in just one click.

We’d like to think Sumac’s software is the best case management software for nonprofits – and there are a few good reasons why!  

Our social services case management software helps maximize the efficiency of both small and large teams. And because our Case management software is customized for social services, hospices, and shelters, it will help small nonprofits use fewer resources and automates routine tasks so you spend less time on administration, managing schedules and sending updates to clients and patients. Small nonprofits often struggle with resources and social work case management software can help your teams focus on the things that really matter – helping clients and patients. 

Larger nonprofits who need to manage high volumes of cases can also benefit from Sumac’s software. We offer enterprise-level solutions as well as a wide range of integrations and extensions so our system seamlessly works with your existing tech stack. Our software includes add ons to help with grant management, donations and fundraising that can be customized to suit all types of nonprofit organizations! Request a demo here. 

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